How to Check EPF Balance with UAN Number Online

By | December 28, 2016

Nowadays everything in India has become digitalized and so is the case even with EPF balance check. To check epf balance now you can give a missed call or other methods of epf balance check are through SMS and online.

What Exactly Does EPF Balance Check Mean?

The sum of the amount which is deducted from your salary account every month and also the amount which your employer contributes to your EPF account is known as EPF balance.

What is the Advantage Of Knowing the EPF Status?

  • Checking your pf status can help you to know your epf balance currently holding in your account which you can use for withdrawing partially at the time of need or to avail loan against your existing epf balance in the account.
  • Knowing your epf balance can help you to manage your hospital bills at the time of emergency where you can withdraw up to 6 times of your salary.So, always keep an eye on your pf status.

How to register for EPF?

  1. First, visit the website EPF India.
  2. Then you will find a link called “Employer e-sewa” click on that.
  3. Then in the following page you would be sent to Employer e-sewa page. There you can read the Frequently asked questions, download the ecr file format or directly proceed to login or register (for first-time users). You can find a link called “click here for employer e-sewa”.
  4. Then you would be sent to the homepage of the portal. If you are a first time user then you need to click on the registration button and proceed for registration or else if you have any temporary user id and password then use it in the login section. You can find the login section on the right-hand sidebar.
  5. Once you click on the registration button you will be sent to a page where you need to select the state where your establishment is covered.
    If your establishment is located in Pune, but complying under regional office Hyderabad, then you must choose the state Telangana.
  6. You can select those states from the Dropdown box on that particular page.
  7. In the very next screen, you can find the list of EPFO offices in that particular state. Select the EPFO office which you belong to.
  8. In the next page, registration screen will open.
  9. You can also add the details of many authorized signatories. But, the SMS and email would go to First Authorized signatory at present.
  10. Now, after you enter all your details click on the “Get Pin” button. Immediately a pin would be generated and sent to your mobile number entered in the details.
  11. Click on the box called “I Agree”. Then enter the pin you received on your mobile phone and then click on the button called “Register”. Now, you would get temporary user id and password through SMS.
  12. Now you would be sent to a screen where you can see the link called “please relogin here to continue further”.
  13. Click on the above link and you would be taken to the login page. Now enter the temporary user id and password which you have received on your mobile and then click on sign in.
  14. Now, you can see a page where you can enter the new username, password of your choice and create a permanent login.
  15. Now you will get a confirmation sms regarding the successful creation of user id and password.

Remember that you can change your password anytime once you login. But, you cannot change the user id which is once generated remains the same.

How to check pf balance?

You can know your epf status in the following ways

  • Pf balance check online
  • Epf balance sms
  • Epf balance uan

Check EPF Balance

PF Balance Check Online

You can do your pf balance check online by following the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Keep in handy your epf account number to know your epf balance.
  2. Type this Url in your Url bar . You can check your pf status by clicking on the option called know your balance.
  3. In this portal now you need to go and select the state (AP, TN etc.,) of your EPF office where your epf account is maintained.
  4. Once you select the state to know your pf balance, immediately a list of cities appear in the list pertaining to that state. Example, if your state is Telangana and your office is in Hyderabad, then you would select Hyderabad as city.
  5. Now, to check pf balance fill in all the details related to your epf account (like account number, name and mobile number). The first two columns in the pf account number row must be pre-filled as per the pf office selection.
  6. The page will be opened once you enter your unique epf account number in the mentioned field.
  7. Once the above mentioned steps are done, to check your epf balance, click on the submit button. The provident fund balance details would be sent through SMS on your mobile.

In this way you can know your epf balance online by following the simple steps mentioned above.

EPF Balance Check

PF Balance Check through UAN

UAN stands for Universal Account Number which is unique for each individual in EPF. This UAN remains unchanged irrespective of change in your employer or your pf account number. To know your epf balance first you need to register your UAN, then only you can receive SMS for your pf balance enquiry.


I have mentioned few steps below to check your epf balance through UAN.


  1. Visit the site
  2. Enter your Universal Account Number
  3. Mention your mobile number to receive the pf status on your mobile through sms.
  4. Choose the state and city where your EPF balance account belongs to. If your state is Telangana and office is in Hyderabad then choose Hyderabad as the city.
  5. Now you need to fill in the captcha prompted by the system and finally, you will get all your epf balance details through SMS on your mobile.


EPF Balance Check through SMS

You can check your epf balance through SMS when you don’t have a proper internet connection or when you are in a journey. For receiving your pf status you must have an active Universal Account Number.

SMS is one of the ways you can check through mobile and another way is to give a missed call and check pf balance.

One of the important things to do is link up the correct mobile with your epf account to know your epf balance through SMS otherwise you would not be able to know the pf status.

Give a missed call to the following number mentioned below to receive SMS and check your epf balance on your mobile.


Make sure that you give missed call from the same number attached to your epf account or else you wouldn’t receive any SMS on your mobile.


Your mobile number must be integrated with the KYC. Then onwards whenever your call the EPF team they would send you automated message of your epf balance on your mobile.
In case, if the mobile number missed call option is not working to check your pf status, then you can follow the other methods mentioned in this article to know your epf balance.


How to check pf balance through a mobile app?

You can know your epf balance through the mobile app which EPFO has developed. Unfortunately, this mobile app is not available in the google play store.

Now, you may have doubt how to epf balance check when the app is not available in the play store? Don’t worry the epf balance tracking app is available on the official site of EPFO.

As of now, this app is only available for the android mobiles and soon EPFO will launch this app in blackberry and ios devices.

First of all click here to download the epf balance app for android.

This app can be used both for viewing your current EPF balance and also as a passbook for your account.

Now follow the below-mentioned steps to check your epf balance through the mobile app.

  1. Once you open the epf app on your mobile click on the option called member.
  2. In this option go and select balance/passbook and then enter your 12 digit Universal Account Number. After this enter your mobile number and verify in the system. As mentioned above if the mobile number doesn’t match the system shows error.
  3. If the mobile number and UAN combination is perfectly right then you will be popped up with an update epf balance in your account along with other details like date of birth, Aadhar Number, past month transactions (if any) etc.,
  4. You can click on the view passbook option to check your last 7 months transactions and get the detailed information for each and every month.

Precautions to take while performing EPF balance check

  • Use only one mobile number while you are registering yourself as a member for passbook.
  • Only one EPF account would be shown per one mobile number.

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