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By | December 29, 2016

Checking EPF claim status online has become automated process nowadays. This epf claim status does not require any human interaction to check the status of your epf. In the conventional method one used to fill the epf form in the nearby EPFO office and the epf claim status under process it would be and finally, the employee used to know his pf status enquiry.

Mostly employees check their epf claim status at the time of leaving their previous organization or at the time of their retirement.
You can follow the below-mentioned steps to check your

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to check your epf claim status and get the pf status enquiry if you have done any pf withdrawal.

Steps to Check Your EPF Claim Status:

  1. The first step in knowing your epf claim status is that find your epf claim status in the nearby EPF office where you have submitted the epf claim.
  2. Now, the second step to check your epf claim status is you need to select your EPF office where you have an account and furnish the PF account number.
  3. The third step to check your epf claim status leaves the extension field blank if you don’t have.
  4. In this step, you click on the epf claim status details.
  5. Epf claim status would appear on the epfo portal and take a print of it for future purpose.

Check EPF Claim  Status

EPF Claim Status using UAN Number:

Employees can manage their PF account with UAN number. Transfer of pf balance from old epf account to new employees pf account is term as epf claim status.

Check Your EPF Claim Status in the UAN Portal:

First of all, visit the UAN portal and use your UAN login details to login. Once you login in the UAN member portal you would get EPF UAN registration page where you can file epf claim status from the UAN member portal.


You can also track your pf claim status through your pf number. But this is the conventional method of checking your epf claim status at the nearby epfo office.

The next way to check your epf claim status is by giving a missed call or SMS.

An employee with the activated mobile number attached to his UAN can track his epf claim status. One of the advantage for tracking your epf claim status through this method is that it does not require any internet connection and also the process is very simple. To give a missed call doesn’t not require remembering any lengthy USSD code to track your epf claim status. With a single missed call to the provided UAN helpdesk number, you can track your EPF claim status.

PF Claim Status From Android App

EPF has designed an epfo e sewa app to help people resolve their queries faster than the conventional methods of getting solutions. But unfortunately to track your epf claim status this app is only released for android. Hope this app would be released even for ios.

People who have submitted pf claim their epf claim status can be tracked through this epf claim status android app where the epf member must enter his epf account number and epfo office details thereby he will be shown the epf claim status.

Check EPF Claim Status Online

If you would like to check the epf claim status on the epfo portal then follow the below-mentioned steps which make it easier to check the epf claim status.

  1. In this step, you need to navigate to the epf member portal where you can login with your epf member login details.
  2. After entering your EPF login details you would be transferred to a page where you need to fill the details of state and office where your EPF account belongs to.
  3. In the third step to check epf claim status, you need to enter the establishment code which has a maximum of 7 digits. You can do this properly by using online generators.
  4. In this step to track your epf claim status, what you need to do is to produce a new form where you can type your EPF account number to know the epf claim status. The epf number mentioned at this point is also a 7 digit one which is crucial to track your epf claim status.
  5. In this step to track your epf claim status, you are redirected to another page where you need to fill in all your personal details like your phone number, date of birth, your other credentials.
  6. In the final step of epf claim status checking you need to agree with all the terms and conditions of the Employee provident fund organization. Once you have filled in all the mandatory fields mentioned above and agreed to the terms and conditions of the EPFO site then you can easily check your epf claim status online.

It is better if the employees transfer their balance from the old pf account to the new pf balance account so that they wouldn’t be taxed for certain years. If you are an employee and you shifted your organization before the completion of 5 years in the organization then you will be recalculated on your epf balance.

How to Transfer Online PF Funds?

You can transfer your pf funds online using the following steps below and once you transferred the amount you can track your epf claim status.

  • Visit your epfo site and enter your UAN login details.
  • Enter your complete details required like UAN, mobile number, and your provident fund number.
  • You can fill the form from the state of old employer and check for the establishment number.
  • Next, click on the option called “check eligibility”.
  • Once your banking account is qualified then register on the epf status claim site.
  • After the steps above mentioned are completed you would receive a pin on your mobile. Once you enter the pin in the verify field and then verify.
  • Now you are directed to epf claim status page.
  • Now once you provide your document ID and the mobile number then you would be able to check all the options in the dashboard.
  • In this dashboard, you can check the option called “Request for transfer of account”.
  • Now fill in all the details in the transfer form.
  • Now fill all the details and then verify captcha and agree to all the terms and conditions and transfer the pf balance from old account to the new account. Once you transfer the funds you can check your epf claim status in the epf claim status site.

So, this is the process for checking your epf claim status. If anyone has any queries on epf claim status they can dail to the EPF toll-free number. This is one of the best ways to solve all your queries regarding epf claim status because the customer care executives are well trained to solve your epf claim status queries in a step by step manner compare to sending a mail and waiting for more time to receive the solution.

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